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The Company: Canada's 24 hour, seven per week broadcast retailer available on a variety of cable channels across the country.

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The Shopping Channel Home Agent. A New Way Of Working.
Shopping Channel Home Agents work from their home office answering the calls of The Shopping Channel customers across the country.
It is interesting, very flexible, part-time work that allows you create your own schedule from a range of available hours. As you will appreciate, home-based work has additional requirements and qualifications beyond those of just a conventional call center staff job. Therefore, please read through the The Work and What You Need sections of this site before you apply.

Bilingual Inbound Customer Service Representative.

The Calls:

Our customers call-in orders for the merchandise presented on our t.v. programs. There's lots of calls and it's interesting work. You will be especially busy on weekends evenings. Good per-call pay, plus bonuses.

The Hours:

Minimum agent commitment of 16 hours per week.

Target Earnings Range:

$12-$14 per hour.

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